About Fruit Juice South Africa

The focus of everything that SAFJA does, should be in the best interests of the consumer.

The industry needs to regulate itself in terms of product definition, product identification, and product content.

Our committee

Name Company
General Manager
Rudi Richards
Board Members
Elroy Goliath Pioneer Foods
Henk de Kock Onderberg Verwerkingskooperasie
Heleen van Wyk Doehler SA
Pieter Hanekom (Treasurer) Rhodes Food Group
Nigel Jacobs (Chairperson) Peter Igel SA
Luritha Moore Southern Canned Products
Technical Committee Members
Elmien Lerm Magaliesberg Citrus
Cindy Smith Letaba Citrus Processors
Magda Geldenhuys Pioneer Foods
Jacques van den Berg Coca-Cola
Tommie van Deventer Rhodes Food Group
Heleen van Wyk (Team Leader) Doehler SA

Our Goals:

  1. To ensure the integrity of fruit juice products: To achieve this, a team of technical specialists were appointed and alignments have been formed with a number of government teams to work together towards improving standards and regulations.
  2. To initiate an independent inspection body: This will assist SAFJA to achieve compliance in respect of the current or future regulations.

This concept is not new and is already functioning in Europe and Australia. Their successful implementation of market regulating programs has proven that there cannot be fair competition and pricing if the authenticity of fruit juice products cannot be guaranteed by regular and objective inspection of products.

Advantages for members

  • SAFJA will serve as a mouthpiece for its members. SAFJA will also serve as an information and communication facilitator amongst all stakeholders.
  • SAFJA will strive to protect the consumer and at the same time gain the trust of consumers in fruit juice products.
  • SAFJA will raise the awareness of the consumer about the integrity, content and type of fruit juices that are available on the shelf and how to distinguish between all the different juices available. At the same time it will keep the consumer informed on health aspects of fruit juice and provide objective information on topics which might concern the public.
  • SAFJA has a strong commitment to promote truth in labelling and fair trade, which supports the aims of fairness, integrity and honesty set out in the Consumer Protection Act.
  • SAFJA members sign a Code of Ethics that encapsulates the standards and practices required to ensure a fair competitive environment for all.